Where to Get Paint?

If you're in need of the MSP program, well you're in luck! I've got 3 versions as well as a very MSP-like program for your pixel needs. So if you lost it, want it, collect it, etc... enjoy yourself!

Microsoft Paint 98 - This is the oldest version of paint I have. And remember not liking XP's paint after I noticed it didn't have a feature I liked most in this version. It asks you if you want to enlarge the canvas or not when pasting a picture larger then the canvas into this program. A very handy feature when you wanna make buttons. But this version has limited file extensions you can save under and doesn't have PNG. Also, when using the text tool, there is a small amount of texts to choose from, even if you have more on your computer. But it is a plucky little program I recommend adding to your MSPaint ensamble.
Microsoft Paint XP - This is the version of paint from XP. And it is also the version of paint I use when I am presenting my tutorials. This cannot save in the PNG format when using Windows 7, while it can in XP. The layout of this is a little less boxy, if you prefer a sliiiightly eye-pleasing version more. It has 3 undos only, like the 98 version. I personally prefer this paint to all my other MSP proggies because I'm oldschool like that.

Microsoft Paint 7 - Windows Ver. 7 comes with this little complicated gem. It certainly has it's pros such as a whopping 50 undos (FIFTY!), excellent zooming tools, a nice interface... and that's about it. While you can certainly use it for pixelwork, it's not as pixel friendly as the progs that came before. I'm not confident that it's compatible with XP, so be warned.

Paint Shop Pro + Animation Not exactly MSP but very useful. Not only can this package make you a transparent GIF, count your colors, provide a shit-ton of undos, but I has an animated GIF program as well. It's like MSP with layers. Oh yeah, there's layers. Say-whaaaa? Don't have Photoshop for use with your pixels? Get you some PSP7 (and Anim)! Works with Windows 7 beautifully, though it complains about a registry error upon opening; ignore it.

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