Here are your tools in a nutshell. Some you may use a lot, some you may not use so much. but it is important to know what you're working with, of course. If I am missing anything, dun be afraid to give me the heads up.:

  • Command Bar is where you can manually go to input commands. But there are Shortcut keys that, if memorized, promises that you may never need the damn thing.
  • Tool Bar is where the tools of the program reside. scroll down for more information on each tool
  • Color Bar is where the colors you use are located.
  • Canvas is where the drawing and dolling happens.

Canvas Color Bar.
I will have a separate tutorial on the use of this.
Free-Form Select you use your mouse (or pen tablet) to draw exactly the area you want to select
Select a square selecting tool (sucks that it's exclusively square)
means everything you select will be moved, to overlap everything with what is within the selected area.
means everything but the chosen back color will be moved, to overlap everything except the back color within the selected area.
Eraser/Color Eraser name speaks for itself
comes in an assortment of sizes
Fill With Color got a space? fill it with color with this tool
Pick Color otherwise known as the "dropper". and, with it, you can pick a specific color to use. handy little tool.
Magnifier zoom in on your work.
1x (normal size), 2x, 4x (default), 6, and 8x. To change back to the default 4x zoom if you use any other zoom, go to View > Zoom > Custom > and choose 400%.
Pencil draw free-form 1x pixel lines.
Brush an assortment of shapes and sizes you can free-form draw with
here are the brush sizes and shapes
AirBrush applies a circle of random pixels in a "spray"
comes in three different sizes (i rarely use this tool)
Text lays down text in a picture
Line A tool that makes a straight line for you
you can also change the thickness of the line for the rest of the line tools from here on. you choose from 5 different thicknesses.
Curve a tool that bends a straight line for you. (this tool can be a pain, I might have a tutorial just for it, if it's in demand to)
Rectangle Lays down a rectangle
means you're only using the front color
means you're using both the font and back color
means you're only using the back color
Polygon lays down straight lines at free-form points until it meets the beginning of the line again to make a multi sided shape.
Ellipse Lays down a circle
Rounded Rectangle lays down a rectangle with curved edges.


Now, it can be a pain to go to the damn toolbar all the time and go through the lists of commands to the one you want. But thankfully there are key shortcuts that are easy to remember! keep in mind that the commands I show you follows like this "Ctrl-O" for instance. That does not mean you press the "-" button, it means that you press the "Ctrl" and "O" button one after the other. Just to clear that up. Any questions? Feel free to ask and Iíll clear it up best I can.

Open Ctrl-O opens up a previously saved program
New Ctrl-N Opens a brand new unsaved empty canvas
Save Ctrl-S saves your progress. (does not work for Save As. that you have to do manually) it doesn't hurt to make hitting these keys a habit
Undo Ctrl-Z undos mistakes, up to three.
Repeat Ctrl-Y redoes an undone action, up to three times. (this key command works for MSP ver 5.1 and up. in Paint for 98, the key is F4)
Cut Ctrl-X deletes selected section. of course, pressing Delete works too
Copy Ctrl-C copy's a selected or hi-lighted section
Paste Ctrl-V Pastes a copied selection into a canvas(image) or textbox(words).
Select All Ctrl-A selects the entire canvas
Flip/Rotate Ctrl-R opens up a window where you can flip and rotate a selected section or the entire canvas
Stretch/Skew Ctrl-W opens up a window where you can manipulate the height, width, skew horizontal, and vertical of a selected section or the entire canvas
Invert Colors Ctrl-I invert the colors of a selected section or the entire canvas
Attributes Ctrl-E opens up a window where you can check on the pixel height and width of the canvas and input your dimensions
(c) Shelby Wright 2011. All Rights Reserved