Bunnystick has been around for a long long time. Insanely long time in internet dog-years! But she wasn't always called Bunnystick....

It's somewhere in June 1997... Notorious B.I.G. had been dead for some time but Puff Daddy's tribute song just won't stop playing, some girl in NJ gave birth to her baby in the prom toilet, The Simpsons don't suck yet, and I'm some 13 year old mediocre artist, cliché writer, otaku tool who lies about her age in AOL RP chatrooms so I can play some Winged Elf Girl named Lily with other people who were probably lying about their age too. Demonstrating the vanity of youth, I thought my work was so amazing, that my opinions on the Animes I had seen were so significant, that they needed to be showcased on the internet!

(Clearly the internet world could not rest until they saw my "artistic genius".)

You see, in my house, internet was this bright, shiny, new thing. We fought with my brother to get the hell off the phone so we could use the 56k constantly. More often then not, I won out, since my brother had a beeper and a car, and my sister had more friends then me. That left me alone with my online RhyDin RP and my Anime in the basement of our house. Shit just got real.

Using AOL on my old ass 2G IBM that ran Windows 95---HEY, no laughing, that was super high tech back then!---I found myself a little niche on Angelfire and made a shrine, more or less, to everything I loved. The site was awful looking. I wish I had a snapshot for you but you'll have to believe me. It was just random Anime images, some that were Animated Gifs, centered in a row with an ugly background. The image on top was of Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War. It looked wicked cool on WebTV, maan!

(I'm 99% sure that this was the very image.)

I christened my tiny corner of the internet: Black Lady's Anime and Manga Domain.

Named after the Black Lady (or Wicked Lady) from Sailor Moon R, since:
A.) it was the best season of Sailor Moon ever and you're wrong for thinking otherwise.
B.) I thought I was sooo privileged to know she made out with her own father and...
C.) I totally saw original transformation footage they edited out of American morning television.
Though, I cannot count the number of people who signed my guestbook thinking I was a black lady...

(awfully pale for a black lady, people.)

The site grew from a bed of Anime and Manga hotlinks to include reviews of Animes I had seen, original artwork, and my poetry. I made a lot of use of my free 50mb allowance (which Angelfire soon shortened to 20mb). Soon my friends Harold and Kaity joined me and helped me get my ducks in a row.

(those ducks don't have a chance in hell!)

Come 1999 the name of the site was shortened to a more exciting: B.L.A.M.D.. It got a new mascot, the now infamous psudonym Bobby Reed from a comic series I made for the school magazine. The redesign of the place got me an A+ in my web design class. And now it featured not only Anime galleries, reviews, my art and poetry---comics, sailormoon fanfiction, etc---but other people's donated art and writing as well! People actually donated work to be seen on my shitty site. People who never knew me or met me outside my AOL email address and BLAMD mascot. So yeah, I had a bit of an inflated ego.

(a work of internet genius, I tell you!)

Then the trolls came....

July 2001 rolls around and my 17 year old self can't take the slights to my fragile ego and with a passionate and retarded sendoff...
"Packing my bags now, people, thanks for all the support that was never given, you people suck. The site is yours, so take what you want, scavengers. I'm not going to post bullshit like 'oh I’ve had such a good time and it was worth it' cause in the end it wasted four years of my life and became just another factor in my stress. I am grateful to those of you who kept me convinced that this site was going somewhere, it's nice to have false hope once and a while. I'd like to say goodbye to those of you whom I met through this site, you know who you are. As for the rest of you, there aren't enough obscenities in the English language. Peace and love to those of you who deserve it. Ben B-------h, your artwork is shit and you should be shot. 'At least I do my original stories'? Nice criticism ass, that [leaves] me to believe that you read NOTHING from my site. Learn to draw then maybe you can properly criticize my artwork, so fuck you. Well with that out of the way, good bye and good riddance.

- Head Webmaster, Leaving and Never Coming Back, Bunny"
...I totally left the internet forevaaah! Yeah, I couldn't make that shit up.

While I didn't leave the internet forever, per se, I didn't so much as touch my site again until 2003. What was I doing during that entire time? Making Anime Music Videos, playing D&D and drawing in my sketchbook. I did a lot of that. While looking for a new artistic outlet I stumbled upon sprites (or "preps" as they were sometimes called) via Neopets. Following from there I discovered an underground movement of pixel artists who made something they called "dolls".

(Ladies and gentlemen, my very first doll ever.)
Base by Swiss Cheese Army

Sure I had made pictures in MS Paint since the program existed, but this was intriguing! I hopped from dollsite to dollsite, collecting bases to play with. With these bases I made dolls of characters in my D&D game, especially my character, Ellendra. Soon within the family Dell computer that ran Windows 2000 I had amassed myself a nice little handful of dolls in my art folders. But, I had to have a site if I wanted to make friends in this artistic community. So I dusted off the ol' Angelfire account and whipped up a dolling site! I named the site after my AMV pseudonym, named after a bunny shaped straw I had.

Bunnystick was born November 11th, 2003.

Then I ran across Autumn Pixels. Jaeden's work was not only inspiring but she seemed accessible. I didn't have the biggest concept of how sisterhood worked. So I entered a contest of hers to impress her and sent a request soon afterward.

(the rest is history.)

I took the name of BLAMD's mascot and fashioned up new site mascots---Catgirl assassin, Minerva, and Angel guardian, Dove---based off another D&D game. I hid my face from the dolling community at large, and yet completely threw myself into it. 19 years old with a popular and established site sister, mysterious non-gender specific name, and quickly growing library of dolls, I began to make a ripple in the community. I even dabbled in basemaking. My first base ever was based on the crucified Jesus---with a female version to be politically correct, cuz seriously, who doesn't wanna be crucified? I think only, like, 5 people had ever used the base in it's long career... but it was a start! I was looking to impress, improve, and grow. I began to make sister-sites over time with other dollers---who really weren't sure if I was even a female or not, which is hilarious---Amber, Sarah, Fowo, Kris, Kyosti, Ramone, Rene. And Icia.

September 3rd, 2004, Jaeden helped me get a Dot Com site and so Bunnystick moved from the confining grips of Angelfire and struck out on it's own! I believe the old Angelfire Bunnystick is still around too. Like some kind of internet ghost.

(ooooo, scaaarry Bunnystick!)

From there Bunnystick ran strong. I popped out a ton of dolls and especially a ton of bases. Favoring a kind of base that was always unique and attractive to use. And of course, traced off of pictures. Which was the norm for me until I ditched traced bases around mid 2005 and made completely original bases. My fans coined my lazy-as-hell type of dolling style as "Simple Shading" or "Simpsha"---which I went to name a batch of bases after. I was very involved in running contests---Doll Without a Face, Hooray for Boobies, and Obscene and Wretched to name a few---and posting in community forums. Eden Enchanted chief among them.

Hell, 2005-2006 was a very good time for dolling. Any "oldtime" doller will tell you that. Bunnystick even got so popular at one time that my shitty webmastering days of the past came back to haunt me and I was hotlinked into collapse! Gif files ain't that big. That's an insane amount of hotlinks! I was both incredibly proud and totally distraught. But that was only a temporary scare and Bunnystick was back up and running in no time. The drama, the artwork, the people! It was all so exciting, so inspiring!

(meeeemories, in the corners of my miiiiind)

Then, the bubble burst...

Eden Enchanted got so busy that it couldn't afford to stay up. It collapsed under the weight of it's 3000+ membership and died. Things seemed to get a little dismal for the dolling generation I came from. And I too fell slowly and quietly out of the dolling world. Little by little I neglected the contests I ran, stopped making dolls, then bases, and by 2007 I kind of stopped all together.

But I refused to let Bunnystick die out and leave my fans without a place to find my bases, so I kept her up. At one point spambots even attached themselves to every page in my site because of how inactive I was! Sure there was a base here or there but nothing substantial. And to put a point to my laziness, I posted any new pixels on my deviantart and not my main site. A deviantart account that hardly any of my fans knew about in the first place!

She was covered in cobwebs and aside from the occasional maintenance and space dumping, I didn't touch her for nearly 4 years! But as you see, Bunnystick may have gone through some rough times, but she always bounced back. 2011 saw a facelift, more content, and even commission work! She never truly dies. She just gets in a coma once and a while...

But, through thick and thin. Trolls and triumph. Fangasms to fade-aways. My tiny little corner of the internet has been and always will be housing my artistic soul on display for all to utilize and enjoy.

(Not bad for a site named after a straw)

With so much love for my fans, old and new,
(c) Shelby Wright 2011. All Rights Reserved