Requesting Instructions

I insist upon the buyer knowing what they want out of a commission. So if you have a picture in mind, don't be afraid to let me know! I won't bite, promise. Here's some suggestions on what details you can give me:

Age, sex. race, height, weight
Character's personality
How you may like them to be posed or interacting
What they tend to say
What they will be wearing, right down to the socks I cannot see (you never know) oorrr...
What type of clothes they favor over others if your not sure on the specifics of an outfit.
Detailed descriptions of their face and body help me but...
If you have references I can go off of that could also help.
If there's a background scene you have in mind, as many details as you may have

If you are interested, Contact Me or send me a Note in Deviantart of what you would like and I'll give you a price rundown of what it'll cost and why. Note me! I'll answer you promptly!

Making Payments

The way payment works is I expect the full price of the commission up front before I start.

Before you go sending me any money, please make sure you've contacted me about your commission and gotten a price I've given you set in stone. As nice as getting money out of nowhere is, I cannot accept it unless I know its coming.

You will fill a slot for the next available month. All commissions within that month are due by the end of it. If I don't get your commission done by the end of the month, after the payment is received, you get your money back with my apologies. This is my Due Date Refund Guarantee.

If you are satisfied with the pricing and ready for me to work on the commission, all payments are made to my Paypal account.

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