Base FAQ

You may edit the bases I've provided to your heart's content. Ears, faces, shading, sex changing, limb positioning, amputation, etc etc etc. Anything goes. So have fun.

If you have an edit you want to share with me, that you feel others could use, feel free to submit it to me and I will be happy to review it. If it's approved it will be posted among my donated base section with credit to you for making the edit. If you want to be linked back for the edit please provide your link.

If you use any of the bases provided on my site, please link back here so that others may have the same opportunity to use the bases as you have.

If you have used my base and want to share, I love seeing new work on my bases! So hit me up!

If you want to make a base out of one of my drawings, please ask my permission. I am more likely to say yes if you ask.

If you have a suggestion for a base I could make, I'm up to hear about it!

If you have a collection of bases from long dead basemakers you think should be added to the list, please contact me.

Doll FAQ

Dolls and pixels in the commission section are not up for adoption.

To prevent being accused of frankendolling, please give me a heads up if you are trying to use parts of my dolls for your own work. That way you can get my permission to use my work. It avoids a lot of flamewars that way.

If you adopt my dolls, please provide a linkback to my site that others may follow, so your visitors know where it came from.

If you want a doll made for you, you have the option of purchasing a commission of one or winning a request in a contest I may be running. I don't often do requests for free. Time constraints really. Sorry about that.

If you have any other questions that I have not answered here, please contact me, and I'll answer them. Thank you!
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