[Totally not her real] Name: Bobby Reed
Birthed: March 13th 1984
Family: Mom is stage actress, Father is sailboat captain, Older brother is a sensai at his own dojo, Younger sister is actually Mordred's mother of myth.

Artistic Likes: Pencil and paper, Ink, Markers, Watercolors and Pixels (of course)
Artistic Dislikes: Pastels (chalk's retarded cousin), Oil paints (drying tiiiiimmmmeee!)

Fun facts!:
Hates make-up and has kept her original hair color since birth.
Self-Taught artist, cuz seriously, fuck school.
Webdesigner since 1997 but has yet to fully grasp CSS.
Dropped out of college (Art Major); didn't wanna pay a couple thousand dollars to "learn how to draw a straight line". Best financial decision she ever made.
Totally crushing on Spoony and Lady Gaga
Every morning during breakfast she checks her favorite sites for updates: TGWTG, Escapist, Cracked, and Egoraptor
Likes that she's going gray and can't wait to have white hair so she can dye her hair blue!
Nephew calls her "Addy", others call her Aunt Addy... which is the equivalent of calling her Aunt Auntie.
Sees you when you're sleeping
Knows when you're awake...
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