Dead Bunnystick Bases

Fair warning, these links open up in a new window to my deviantart account.

Tart Apple Base - Oldass maspro base series
Chitty-Chitty Base Dump - Assorted misc collection of tacky old bases

Base Collection

These sites have long since died or abandoned their base section or, in some cases, abandoned dolling all together. It happens and it's tragic. But I'd hate to see their work die out with a new generation of dollers can make use of them. These are zip files and some of the groups are incomplete. You've been warned.

There are rules tho. Not many but I ask that you follow it upon their use:
Give credit to the maker of the base you use, not to me.
If anyone asks where you found these dead bases, please let them know you found them here, if you did.
If you are the basemaker and want me to take your base group down, please contact me. I'll take them down immediately. And if you have a site I can link to where they can be found, I'll be happy to linkback to there instead.

Autumn Pixels -- [site]
Beautiful World -- (site gone)
Cherry Lime Soda -- [deviantart]
Cherryville -- [deviantart]
Crystal Dreams -- (site gone)
Dark Rose -- (site gone)
Dells Dolls -- (site gone)
Dolce Memole -- (site gone)
Doll on the Hill Factory -- [deviantart]
Dolly Famous -- (site gone)
DollznStuff -- [site]
Dream Dolls -- (site gone)
Dreams of Elysion -- (site gone)
Eden Enchanted {{Check out the second list for the new link!}}
Historical Dolls -- (site gone)
Leleche Dolls -- (site gone)
Mawled n' Dolled -- (site gone)
Mimi's Grotto -- [site]
Random Doodles -- (site gone)
Ritratto dr Signora -- [site]
Sanity Challanged -- [artician]

I also have an additional list of base group I can provide upon request. These sites, however, are still alive and kicking so you should probably visit them for their bases before you ask me:
CCG (Zipple's Dolls)
* Eden Enchanted [group]
Firefly's World
If Looks Could Kill
Magic Lessons
Papaya's Happy Doll Land
Perfect Plastic
Precious Pixels
Sabraelle's Garden
Silvi's World
Solace's Meadow [deviantart]
Wayuki's Place

If I collect more bases, I'll post their links here.
If you have long lost bases you wanna add to the first list, contact me and I'll add the zip there.
Enjoy the bases!
(c) Shelby Wright 2011. All Rights Reserved